The Secret Is Out

My four year old has some challenges.  One of the things that helps him transition from one activity to the next is having various objects with him.  They are different from day to day, except his blanket and a worn piece of thick yarn.  Sometimes he sneaks things into his pocket that I’d prefer he not have and I do not discover it right away.  At pickup the aid who brought him to the car said in a hesitant voice: “Umm.  We found an object and were wondering if it was yours.”  Here is a series of emails pertaining to this object:
Dear Miss _______,

I am SO sorry about the object Luke brought to school today. He must have snuck it out of my purse while we were at the dr today. I’m so embarrassed I could cry. It won’t happen again.

I saw it fall to the floor as the children were working to get their jackets on in the hallway at the end of the day and I was not sure who’s coat pocket if fell from. Luke seemed fairly confident that it was his, but I asked Ms. _____ to check because I wanted to be sure.

Please don’t feel embarrassed. We have children bring all kinds of things to school. I did check make sure that it was empty, since it looked like a pill case.

Yes, thanks. It is indeed mine and a pill case. A little private joke with myself that is now out. :-/ And thankfully empty today.

Thanks for your understanding.


.I'm Crazy

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