Pressure Cooker

My husband and I have marriage counseling on Wednesday nights.    Things are not dire between us: we are not on the brink of divorce or fighting all the time, we are just trying to make our marriage more healthy.  It is a lot of work. I can count on one hand the number of […]

Honest Confession

The numbness is overtaking me and I feel so lost and alone.  I am not in a strong place right now . . . I’m alive, I’m functioning (to a point) – I am thankful for this at least.  But my stomach is turning with anxiety and my chest is tight with grief because I […]

Losing Reality

I’m so numb today that I can barely function.  Unfortunately, lying down on the couch and staring out the window all day is not an option.  There is no cause, no catalyst – just numbness.  I’m in a fog and nothing seems real.  I forget what I’m doing when I’m in the middle of it […]